Saturday, December 7, 2013

Otaku shopping paradise: Animate in Ikebukuro

This week is the exam week at my school but I'm not doing any exams so I was free during the entire week.
On one of the weekdays, I went to Ikebukuro with my fellow exchange student Miia. She's also a big fan of animes and mangas (especially Shingeki no Kyojin, One Piece and Naruto), which led us to Animate(アニメイト). The store is all over Japan, selling manga and anime goods for almost any anime you know.
The one we went to in Ikebukuro is the "honten (本店)" which means main shop in English, so it's probably the biggest Animate in the area. It had an entire building dedicated to the store with 9 floors in total! It truly is a paradise for us anime lovers. It sold goods, mangas, games and CDs and DVDs. It had EVERYTHING ACG related in it!! I went there once with my classmates before and I just couldn't stop screaming in a high pitched voice and this time, my second time, I still couldn't stop screaming because a lot of new things came out after the last time I was there.
Overall, I think if you're visiting Tokyo and you love anime and manga you definitely should visit this store! I know it has stores all over Japan too so even if you're not in Tokyo, you can still enjoy it. If you go on weekdays, maybe you'll see people cosplaying at the store too! The store staffs will be cosplaying too so make sure to check that out!!

I vlogged on that day too so please check it out and subscribe!

After lunch we actually went to a game centre to take purikura. The purikura place has a special service which is lending cosplay costumes for free in order for people to take the purikura while dressed as an anime or manga character! It was so much fun but the store banned any kind of film or photography so I couldn't vlog but here are the purikuras we took.
The lower one is with our cosplay costume on while the one on the top is with our normal clothes.

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