Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 in New York

Happy New Year everybody! Even though this is extremely late, but this past month was just chaotic for me… I had university applications and finals all packed in the same month, it wasn't a very amusing time. I’m still not completely done yet でも大丈夫!

Our family went to New York for New Years as a relaxing vacation. We’re been to the city for many many times but never during New Years period. It’s probably the busiest time of the year everywhere and we chose to go to one of the busiest cities in the world. 
It was a good 8 hour drive while I slept for most of it haha. We went to Woodbury Outlet first and stayed for the night to shop the next day. My mom had friends in the area so we went to visit them for two days. During that time we visited the Metropolitan Museum (I became a member ^_^;). Our hotel in New York was 5 minutes walk away from Times Square so we thought it wouldn't be too hard to get a spot to watch the Ball Drop. BUT there was just TOO MANY people! I know millions go there every year just to countdown the last 10 seconds of 2014 but I wasn't prepared for so much squishing!! We went at 5:30pm but we just couldn't take it and honestly, we were still too far to see any of the performances and the Ball itself. So we decided to go back to the hotel and come back out 30 minutes before the countdown. It was the best decision I’ve made! 

Also, I have to suggest you this restaurant/Izakaya I found near Times Square! They are amazing. The owner is Japanese and they served the most tasty Japanese food I've had since I came back from Japan. 

It's in a small street and it's a rather small place but it's sooo good! I definitely recommend it. They don't take reservations so you usually have to wait around an hour to get in if it's during lunch/dinner time.

My favourite brand, Super Dry. Love this store!

I know this was mainly all pictures but I wish you could feel the excitement of this trip through my pictures. 

I'll have a couple more videos about Japan in the future. Please stay tuned! :D

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