Thursday, June 12, 2014

Japan Student Exchange Q&A Part2

Again, thank you to everybody who asked me questions in emails!! :D

Before I start, I would like to remind you that today is the opening day for World Cup 2014 in Brazil! Canada is, unfortunately, not part of this amazing event. However, the Japanese team, Samurai Japan, is going to be playing this year and their first match will be on Saturday >_< I mainly look forward to Atsuto Uchida and Makoto Hasebe!! They are my two athletic crushes recently :3 They're so cute *_*
Uchida Atsuto

Hasebe Makoto

 Ok, before this post becomes a rant about my Japanese crushes... Lets get to the questions ;)

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Q7. What if I experience homesickness?

I didn't get any homesickness while I was in Japan! I was really busy with school and school clubs. So the best way for me was to keep myself busy and find close friends in Japan to feel less lonely. 

Q8. What happens when I have a problem with my host family?

Try to communicate about the problem with your host family first but if it doesn't work, then go to your counsellor. The company will try to find a new family or they will try to talk about it with the family on their side. 

Q9. Can you chose the city you were going to?

I wasn't able to chose it myself. I was lucky to be placed in Kanagawa since it was only 40mins by train from Shinjuku station which is downtown Tokyo. I'm not sure how the companies decide on locations but I assume it has to do with your application and what they think your personality is. 

Q10. Will you be with another exchange student in the same school?

I had four fellow exchange students in my school. My host school was very focused on English and foreign languages, like Chinese. Therefore, there will be many exchange students every year coming from different countries. Our company didn't allow us to "hang out" too much with other exchange students but it was close to impossible since we basically all had the same friends and all knew the same people. 

Q11. Can you wear makeup to school?

My school was very westernized and they didn't have much rules for how you looked. They allowed everything reasonable and didn't have an uniform. However, most schools in Japan do have regulations for your looks so be careful! 

Q12. How do you make friends in Japan?

It's different from person to person since our personalities are different. I personally love sports so I joined sports clubs at my school and became very familiar with people on the teams, mostly guys since we didn't have a lot of girls in my school. Another thing is to become close to your classmates so that you can get to know other people from other classes through them. Go talk to them yourself since most of them are too shy to talk to you and make conversation with them. I got really close to the girls since there was only eight other girls in my class and there was a total of thirty. Don't think that you're special because you're a foreigner! This might sound weird, but it's important to consider yourself one of the Japanese students in order to blend in with them. 

Hopefully this wasn't too long for you to sit through and I wish this helped people with questions. If there's anymore questions that you want me to ask, comment down below or 
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  1. How is the whole dating like in Japanese High schools?

    1. Sorry for the late reply!! The dating in Japanese high schools were kind of a secret... You would rarely see anybody holding hands or even hugging in public.

  2. will there be racism in japan to people who are different e.g skin colour?

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