Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FujiQ Highland: Ride world record breaking roller coasters while looking at Mt. Fuji

FujiQ Highland is an attraction park in Yamanashi, Japan that's know for the number of World Records its roller coasters broke over the years. It's also famous beecause you can enjoy the amazingly beautiful Mt. Fuji while in the park. 
For more detail, please go to their page --> FujiQ

It was really a fun place! The entire park had a Japanese twist to it. The names of the attractions (Fujiyama, Eejyanaika, Takabisha, etc.) and the stores in it are inspired by the Edo era in Japanese history. Some posters have a mix of vintage and present. It was actually really funny!! 
I went with my friend Sena who loves roller coasters. I myself has been challenging them since this spring. Both of us rode most of the rides except for Takabisha which has the world's number 1 slope, bigger than 90 degrees!! Our voices just died after about 2hours we got into the park haha! We were very lucky since there was surprisingly not a lot of people that day (which was a Monday) therefore there was no lines at all!!



Mt. Fuji from the Ferris Wheel

The new attraction called Fuji Hikousha (Mt. Fuji Airlines?) allows you to fly along the amazing sceneries around Mt. Fuji freely. You can also smell the flowers and trees while listening to music by Hisaishi Joe (composer of OST of Totoro, Castle in the Sky and more Hayao Miyazaki movies). It was phenomenal!

This thing was amazing!

Sukitte Iinayo movie poster

The new attraction's decorations for people waiting in line. It describes the history of the "airline". It's so funny!!

Eejyanaika broke the record for the most flips during one ride not because of the loops but because the seats themselves turn around during the ride!

Mt. Fuji at night... Pretty as always

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