Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enoshima (江ノ島): Beach, waves and aquarium!

Greetings from a very tanned Minnie!!
I went to the beach with my friends and actually went into the sea for the first time since quite some years... Got a little carried away and came home to a completely red body haha!
It was really fun though so I guess it's worth it?
We went to the famous seaside in Kanagawa known as Enoshima. It's an island so all around it was the sea and let me tell you, the scenery was quite breathtaking.
I went with two other guys from my Japanese school with whom I've been good friends with before. They're a lot of fun so it was such a blast to go to the beach with them!!
We originally only planned to go to the Aquarium over there but we had a bit more free time than planned so we ended  up in the sand, with our swimsuits on.
None of us had sunscreen on our backs so it was quite painful afterwards...

I did vlog on that day so please check it out! Don't forget to Subscribe, Like and Share!!

PS: One of my friends (You will find out which one once you see the pictures...) has uhh funny picture faces so please be careful haha!

Too early... 眠い…ー_ーzzz


We took a boat to the other side of the island where there was an entire platform made of lava(?). 

... Those sunglasses are mine but my friend wears them well ^_^'

The train station looks so pretty! (片瀬江ノ島)

The aquarium had a lot of fishes. They had a lot of shows too but since we were so tired from playing on the beach we didn't really pay attention ^_^"
It's really well thought out and the place was decorated like Ariel's world!

And after I got home, my host family was eating Unagi-don (Eel and rice)... I felt kinda bad eating fish after going to the aquarium but... 
It was so good!!!

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