Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dream come true: Tenimyu Seigaku Vs. Rikkai(テニミュ全国大会:青学VS立海)

First of all, let me confess something...
I'm a big Otaku for a manga/anime called Prince of Tennis. Some people who have read my older posts might already have an idea. I started watching it when I was in grade 5 and therefore decided to study Japanese. Yes, all due to that one story.
Some of my fellow Tenipuri fans might know that there are musicals, played by real people, about the manga. The musical it self is called Tenimyu by the fans and started back in 2003. I started watching all of the shows I could find but eventually lost count a few years ago.
As the manga has ended a few years ago, the musical has finally reached the final scenes too. The final match featuring Seigaku and Rikkaidai has finally been adapted to the stage.

Today was the last day of their Tokyo show and I luckily got to go see it with my friend who loves Tenipuri too. She loves Niou while I would die for Fuji so for this time, we were enemies haha! It was so much fun!! It was a true dream come true for me and I was so moved by the last scenes I had tears in my eyes T_T
The last scene was the graduation ceremony of the 3rd years; them standing in a line, their name called, going up the stage and finally accepting the certificate. This might be the most calm scene in the entire play but to me, it was special.
I felt like I finally graduated with them too. After all these years of running after the anime, then the manga, then the OVAs, then the musical, then the movie, then the failed real life Chinese version, then the New Tenipuri came and now, they finally graduated. It was a long journey filled with tears but also joy. Thank you.
Sorry for the sudden emotional passage above. Let me tell you about the fan service! At the end of the play, some of the main actors come off stage, into the crowd to do fan service. I was at the very end of the first balcony so I completely gave up on the idea of getting to see anyone up close. BUT!! The actor playing Akutsu came all the way below our balcony, looked up, saw us staring at him like in Romeo and Juliet, and came to CLIMB UP THE BALCONY TO SAY HI!!!! I screamed so loud my friend beside me jumped... *tehepero*

I watched Fuji being Kimeru to the present Yusuke Yata (who sings amazingly!) and the show being from Zepp Tokyo to Tokyo Dome City Hall. It was just so much feelings that hit me!! Proud, sad, happy, glad, so many things twisted together.
We had to line up to buy last minute tickets in the morning but it was all worth it. It was a shame I couldn't vlog... The theatre had limited edition goods, CDs and DVDs. I was just a ball of happiness :3
I didn't buy much goods but did get a program book for the show. It's amazingly made!

The poster for the musical


It eventually became more crowded, or should I say packed? We were closer to the backstage than the stage so we couldn't see some parts of the stage but I can hear the cast talking in the back >_<
I don't know if that makes up for the flawed seats haha

Anyway, if you haven't checked out this anime or manga I definitely recommend it!! 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, especially the photos. I've got tears in my eyes as I read this. I went to Dream Live 5 and Dream Live 7, and this entry reminds me so much of the wonderful experiences I had. I wish I could go back again some day. I would like so much to watch the second generation in person. If you ever get a chance to do so, please watch a Dream Live in person. The feeling is beyond magical.
    --Sincerely, Alse (a Tenipuri, Anipuri and Gekipuri fan)

    1. Thank you for your comment!! I'm so happy to hear from another Tenipuri fan :D I totally understand how you feel. I was shaking and had goose bumps all over me during the entire show! You're so lucky to be able to see DL5 and DL7. I wish I had the time to go to one... Second season casts were amazing but personally, I'm still stuck in the first one haha!
      Thanks again for your comment and for assuring me that there are still Tenipuri fans out there.

    2. I don't know where the international, non-Japanese Tenipuri fans gather, now that livejournal communities have more or less been abandoned. I miss those days, but everyone's moved to Twitter or Tumblr, I guess. There seems less scope to be a community there, though.

      I adore the 1st season casts and miss them like anything. I was down with flu when I first watched the DVD of the first TeniMyu musical way back in early 2004. It made me feel so much better! The first season's casts did so much to make Tenimyu what it is today and set the stage for what it means to pass the baton through the various generations. I feel like I owe them so much for the happiness, the laughter and the fun times I had watching them.

      As for 2nd season, I wasn't planning to watch it... but one day, I happened upon the Dream Live 2013 Youtube video of the Yukimura-Sanada duet of "Kimi wo Shinjiteru ~ Mou Mayoi wa nai". It was amazing. Then I saw the Seigaku Farewell Party rendition of "Mou Mayoi wa na". Suddenly, I remember what it was like, that rush of adrenaline and joy, watching them. Now I'm plotting to get my hands on the DVDs and CDs for 2nd season.

      I'm reading Shin Tenipuri now. I think I rather liked the first Tenipuri manga better...the storyline was fresher. But I guess Konomi-sensei has reasons for what he's doing. It's for an older audience, too, I guess. I haven't watched the Shin Tenipuri anime yet, but the boys look more gorgeous -- grown-up, I think. Anyway, Tezuka still has very passionate hair. =D

  2. Sorry, second season. Not second generation. Typo!