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The day of the concert

The concert was on December 19th and it was during the interview weekend of my school so I didn't have to worry about missing school. I just saw a poster in Shibuya promoting BIGBANG's concert last month and mentioned it to my friend Sena who happens to be a VIP (Bigbang's official fanclub) and this happened! I'm so lucky to be honest that there were still spots available because I know they are popular in Japan. 
Like you can tell from my video, it was a very rainy and cold day and we decided to go to Korean Town before the concert to buy goods and kill time which meant a lot of walking and lots of shopping. Even though I had an umbrella but I was still drenched after about 2 hours of shopping in Korean Town. 
I will try to make a haul video about what I got there and the official goods that I got at the concert so stay tuned! 

The concert itself (personal thoughts aka rant)

The concert was amazing! I personally am into BIGBANG's music but I'm not exactly their biggest fan but it was definitely very enjoyable. The moment when the lights went off, a sea of red and yellow appeared in front of my eyes. It was so pretty that my eyes started tearing up. The opening guest was a band called WINNER, from the same company (YG) as BIGBANG. Fortunately, I went through some of their videos on Youtube before the concert without knowing they were going to be in the live. I love the leader Kang Seung Yoon <3
They will be debuting in Japan I think so they performed their songs in Japanese. At this point I already went into my crazy fangirl mode... 
After their performance, the main focus point of the night showed up. They started with a video then all the members came out. The first song was "Haru Haru" I believe, followed by some of their classic songs such as "Blue", "Bad Boy" and "Gara Gara Go", etc.. These songs really got the atmosphere in Tokyo Dome to a boiling point as everybody knows these songs so it was easy to sing along. Member's solo time startes with Seungri (or V.I) with "Let's talk about love", then comes Daesung (or D-Lite) with "Wings". Then there was MC time where two of the better Japanese speakers (V.I and D-Lite) of the band leads the talk. The talks are pretty funny to be honest and one thing that caught my attention was that V.I was talking mainly in "Kansaiben"() which is a dialect in the Osaka area. It's mainly used by Japanese comedians so I was surprised that V.I is speaking it too! Through out the whole concert's MC times T.O.P, being less fluent in Japanese, only said the word "Yabai"() over and over again!! He's facial expression was so cute it made the entire place laugh. Then follows the solo of Taeyang (or SOL) with his new song "Ringa Linga" and I love this song so much I had so much fun listening to it! G-Dragon was next with "Crayon", and finally followed by T.O.P with "Turn It Up". They are my two favourites in the band so it was very exciting to hear them live. T.O.P slid down a pole on stage and I lost it at that very moment >.< 
He's sooooo sexy!! *drools*
After a few more songs as a group, the concert has come to the final stage. They performed "Fantastic Baby" and had another MC time and said goodbye to the audience. BUT as most fans know, concerts never end without an ENCORE! The spotlight for me in this section was "Koe wo Kikasete" since this is THE song which led me to BIGBANG because it was the opening theme of a Japanese drama and I loved that drama <3
You can check it out here --> Ohitorisama
The entire live was about 3 hours long and it was definitely one of the most exciting 3 hours of my life! (Another one was Akanishi Jin's concert in L.A just by the way :p)

The Purikura we took

Tokyo Dome after the Live

I bought a lot of goods too so if you want to check that out, it's going to be up soon if everything goes right ;)

Sorry this got kind of long... And it's not really about Japan... *Tehepero*
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  1. Hi! I'm just wondering how does the ticketing system work in Japan? I looking at the MADE tour tickets for Japan and there is only one price, hmm, if you could help? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharmaine! The ticketing system for concerts in Japan is by raffle so all tickets are the same price no matter what seat you get and it's basically based on luck. To be guaranteed an awesome seat in the front, you would have to be part of the VIP fan club I think. I hope this helps and have fun at the concert!!

    2. Oh, I see, okay, thanks for the information! And thanks for the luck, I'm not really sure if I'm actually going, haha. Nice to meet another VIP! :D I'm from Malaysia btw. :)

  2. Hi again Minnie, how did you purchase the tickets? I am not from Japan, I am trying to sign up as a member but it's quite hard as I don't understand Japanese, could you help? It would be much appreciated. :D

    1. Hi again! My friend in Japan bought the tickets for us so I'm not exactly sure how to buy them... I remember they sell tickets in the convenience stores in Japan but if you're not in the country I'm not sure how you could buy them. Sorry :(

  3. Awesome tour blog. thanks for the great infomation. One of the tour I will like to go is Japan.

  4. Hi Minnie, Thank you for the Post.
    Out of curiosity, Is the concert track list all Japanese versions or a mixture of Japanese and Korean? Thank you. 😀