Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Japanese School Uniform (Nanchatte Seifuku)

Hello!! Long time no see!
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I received a lot of emails from people asking about the Japanese school uniforms and my uniform. I was really looking forward to school uniforms too since they are known to be very flattering (at least in animes). To my big surprise, my host school didn't have a uniform... What a shock!!
A lot of girls at my school wear "Nannchatte Seifuku(なんちゃって制服)" which are "fake" school uniforms that are more fashionable and cute. This allows them to mix and match with the colours they liked and the styles that please them. Some brands that sell this kind of clothes are East BoyDon Quijote and Body Line, the first one being more expensive than the second one. Some stores are located in shopping malls (like East Boy is in Isetan) or places where young people shop at (Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, etc.).
Some people might find these clothes very expensive (a skirt at East Boy could be around 100$ while a blazer could be over 250$), if you thought about it they are expensive but most girls will wear the clothes during most days in their 3 years of high school. The girls usually have multiple pieces of clothing to mix and match and of course allow their clothes to be washed. I have three skirts, a couple of dress shirts and couple of cardigans. I personally prefer this outfit because it's simple and allow me to wear accessories if I wanted to, without being over decorated like a Xmas tree. Most girls at my school had mainly pink coloured items (pink skirt, pink dress shirt, pink cardigan, etc.) I prefer the boyish look so I usually wear a tie. I never knew how to tie a tie so I always had to ask my host dad to do it for me, when I'm in a hurry, I just wear a ribbon which is much easier to wear (just put it around your neck and you're done!)

The sailor uniform I have is more of a cosplay kind of nature but it still looks pretty legit! I love it because it's easy to wear and can be worn with a lot of cardigans with different colours. 

The next ones are two other skirts that I own, just to switch it up a bit from time to time! All the Japanese skirts end up a bit shorter on me because of my height :(
I also pair these two outfits with ribbons on days I don't have time to tie a tie! 

Excuse the quality of these pictures, I don't know what the matter with my camera is -.-
I hope you enjoyed the video and this post, don't hesitate by any means to contact me!! :D

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  1. did you ever had fun of running away from school in middle ??

    1. I was a good kid hehe ;) And I felt like I had no time in Japan so I had to enjoy school too!

  2. what is the name of your school im thinking of studying abroad in japan and I love the sound of this school compared to what ive looked at

  3. and do they have a strong English course for some one interested in being an English major one day

  4. Oooh Japanese style uniforms! I've always thought that they make it very adorable there, although they do have some western influences. Nannchatte Seifuku sounds like a fun novel idea. You look absolutely beautiful in those uniforms, BTW! Stay gorgeous!

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express

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  6. This is all sooo beautiful! I love the quilts. Have recently started following your blog and I love your style!
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  8. For me, its frustrating. I can never tie my tie very well. It's always crooked. I can never get the knot to to center perfectly over the top button of my collar. Sometimes my collar gest twisted up in the back and my collar sticks up. I can understand boys wearing a tie , but why do girls have to wear a tie? What's worse is boys grabbing my tie and making it even more crooked.

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