Friday, August 1, 2014

Odaiba: FujiTV and Exile

Yesterday was my host father's birthday so we went to Odaiba together, all four of us. It was a really hot day and the sun was not being nice on my already burnt skin. It hurt like crazy but I had lots of fun while having a diet due to all the sweat haha!

Odaiba is a man made island in Tokyo, with lots of shopping malls and most of all, the FujiTV building. You people who watch Japanese dramas and/or variety shows should know! Every summer FujiTV does a big event they used to call Odaiba United States (お台場合衆国), but this year they changed it to Odaiba New World(お台場新大陸). It features all the amazing shows the TV station offers over the years like Run for Money, Nep League, One Piece and more. It allows all the people who go there to experience some of the games from the game shows like Nep League while others can watch Odaiba limited movies and shows.
Something to point out is the new drama Water Polo Yankees (水球ヤンキース) was promoting and had guys (I'm not sure if they were part of the cast or not but my host mom said they were...) wearing only swimming suits to spray mist on people since it was too hot *wink wink*!!

The main attraction for me has to be the Izakaya Exile (居酒屋えぐざいる)park. I recently started to be hooked to Exile after watching their show. Luckily, this year they have a park in this event. It's like a restaurant area with shops and a stage (for surprise performances). They have the members' signatures everywhere too!! They're on the tables, walls, everywhere! Some of members like Naoki even drew himself and marked his height on the shop's wall. It was paradise for Exile Tribe fans. They also had signs of Generations members too.
My main goal was only for one thing... Eat Takahiro's Chocolate Banana! Hahaha! You gotta love this guy for putting a shimoneta (adult joke) on the menu.

Naoki's drawing

Exile Members' signs


And the king of amazing hand writing and adult jokes... TAKAHIRO!

Our bill... Sekai no Float lol (literally The world's float)

 TAKAHIRO's Choco Banana...

I'll leave it to your imagination...

Sekai's Float

My host mom had KENCHI's Okonomiyaki

My lunch was ATSUSHI's Chahan Ochazuke ()

My host mom's beer...

I love this kid haha

Who's sign is this? It's one of the Generation's members!!

Can someone please confirm that this is Sekai's sign for me? I think it's his but...

One Piece area

They have live performances everyday by different artists such as Donghae and Eunheuk, Daigo, Exile and more. The day we went was the day of like three different girls... I had no idea who they were.


Nep League game

I went to eat dinner with Sena afterwards and watched Maleficent for the second time. I bought this gum at a snacks store. Hahaha looking forward for the scary story inside!

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