Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clubs at my school(部活)

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating recently. I've been really busy due to club activities (部活) and other things. As an exchange student I can join as many clubs I wish as long as I can manage my schedule so I joined 5 clubs at school. Right now I'm in the Kendo club, dance club, Jazz band, MES club and I'm thinking about joining the rugby club. My main focus is on the Kendo club since everybody in the club are so nice and funny. I have to say that it is very hard, much harder than it looks! The captain, who's obviously very talented, had his foot cut from Kendo but according to him, it is something that always happens so it doesn't bother him.

Then the dance club and the Jazzband are both cubs I joined because I used to do it in Canada too. My high school back home had a band of about sixty people too but since I'm a flautist, I couldn't join the Jazzband. However, in Japan, there aren't enough people to form two bands so flutes can also join the Jazzband. At the moment, we have about twenty people in total but everybody is very skilled at what they do. The dance club is a new club created this year and what we do is "copy dance" mainly of Kpop artists.
Last week, we had a performance for a community festival. I only have footage for the Jazzband performance, unfortunately.

These pictures are from a MES meeting held in October and it was mainly just talking about our plans for the club in the future. If you don't know what MES club is, it's kind of like and international communication club where we watch movies in English and try to know about other countries.

I visited some of the sports clubs in my school, one day after school, including the Track and Fields club (I always go bother them when I'm free because I love watching people run?), the Rugby club (with a lot of my classmates in it), the Basketball club and the Kendo club.
The track and fields club had a muscle training session that day but usually they're running on the field. Since I'm always bothering them, the members asked me if I wanted to join.
The basketball club doesn't have a lot of members but the girls' basketball team members are all very cute and open.

Finally, a little update of my recent life in Japan...
I HAVE NO TIME TO WEAR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SPORTS WEAR during school days!! I've taken so many P.E courses that all I do almost every day is sports and everybody at school knows if they need to find me, I'm at the gymnasium.
Right now, my sports schedule is the following:
Monday: Dance club and Kendo club
Tuesday: P.E and Golf class and MES club
Wednesday: Jazzband
Thursday: Kendo Club
Friday: Tennis and Badminton and dance club
On Monday, there are only three periods so I start with P.E (we are doing volleyball recently) and I end my day with golf. Then I go to club activities. So I just go to school in my sports clothes and don't change since there's really no point to do so. On Friday, we have four periods and I have sports after lunch for two periods. Due to this schedule, I'm very tired everyday but it makes my life so much more enjoyable! My sports wear are on the colourful side too so you can imagine me in the train every morning!

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