Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last night before departure

Hey people! My apologies for the super late last post about my summer in Japan. It's WINTER in Canada now so I remembered I never updated since fall...

This was my last night in Japan and a bunch of my friends and I decided to go eat buffet. I don't know how much I ate but I know it was a lot.
I went to Shibuya with my classmate Natsuki first to watch a movie called "Time Trip App" (幕末高校生) starring Hiroshi Tamaki and Satomi Ishihara. Here's the movie's poster:

It's a pretty funny movie with a twist of history, sci-fi and comedy. I loved it! 
It took us a while to even find the cinema playing the movie because depending on the companies making the movie some theatres don't play them (apparently). 
It was on the higher floors of a building with the first floor being a Game Centre. While waiting for the movie to start, we decided to go take Purikura there and ended up being drawn in by a UFO catcher with a huge white bunny in it. The way we tried to get the toy was not even funny, we were there for literally 30 minutes and putting in coin after coin. The rabbit was hanging on a pole by one foot and it looked like it could've been easy to get it. BUT we were wrong and it took us so much time (>_<) Natsuki ended up asking the store clerk of the method to get the bunny and the guy told her to push it down instead of trying to grab it.
And here's the result of our battle.
Isn't it super cute? I love her eyes and the way she's holding her ear!! 
We ended up not having enough time to take the Purikura before the movie since we needed to eat lunch too. 
The movie was, as I said earlier, awesome and they had those posters where you can put your face in. So of course we had to do it. 

Please don't judge... Hahaha Can you find my friend? 

We went to Harajuku after that since it was close to Shibuya. It was a hot day... Too hot to be walking outside with so many people around you. That's exactly what we did at Takeshita Doori that day. It was so much fun though so it was worth it. We even found a place to take Purikura! 

I got so tan from the beach hahaha!! Wish I stayed tan like that T^T

It was time to go back near our school to meet with the others and eat!! We ended up going to a high end buffet in a shopping centre near the station. It was amazingly good and inexpensive for the rank. It's a shame I forgot where it was and what it's called but it's situated at the rooftop of one of the buildings around Sagami-Oono Station. 

I'm so happy I have so many amazing classmates who won't judge me and my weirdness. I love them.

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