Friday, February 7, 2014

BIGBANG Japan Dome Tour 2013 haul

Hey guys!
I know this is really delayed but here is my haul for all the goods I got at the BIGBANG Concert.
I figured it would be better to put it in a video since writing about them would be too long and not everybody likes to read so a video would be easier. The video is long too so hopefully it doesn't annoy you :p
You can check out all the goods that were available here--> BIGBANG Goods
To check out my blog post about the concert please click here -->BIGBANG Blog post

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There were a lot of people that day and a lot of the goods were gone so if you want something that would be popular, then you better get there earlier!! Things like penlights and small goods such as pins and rings should sell out less quickly. Also, I forgot to mention, I got an earring and ear-cuff set too! they are really pretty.

If you want to contact me for anything please comment here or
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  1. Hi! I'm Marina ,from Japan.
    I' m not good at English , but I watched your video ;)
    It was very nice and I was glad to hear your comments about BIGBANG contact in JPN.
    Thank u for coming Japan ;)

    Flash Ring color is...
    Pink--> G-dragon
    Blue--> SeungRi

    1. Hi Marina!
      I'm so happy to see your comment! Your English is perfect, by the way ;)
      Thank you for telling me the colours associated with BIGBANG! So I guess I got SeungRi and TOP's ring :D


    2. Good evening Minnie^^
      Thank you.

      I went to BIGBANG concert too^^
      and, I going to "YG family concert" and "Daesung solo concert" in Tokyo.

      Plz come to JPN again ;)

  2. Im sorry , I made a mistake X(
    False--> BIGBANG contact
    True--> BIGBANG concert