Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Day in Japan

After 13 hours of sitting on a plane, I finally arrived in Tokyo! The plane had a wonderful collection of movies such as Iron Man 3 and Cirque du Soleil so it wasn't a boring ride for me. The food was very good as well, especially the omelette for breakfast was very delicious! Upon our arrival in Japan, I felt what I like to call the "Japanese service" which is basically everybody being very polite and nice to you. It always makes me feel like a princess with everybody bowing at me but I also don't know how to return their kindness when treated like this. 

Our hotel is in Shinjuku, one of the most popular place in Tokyo. The staff here is, like I explained before, very kind. Everybody seems to work so hard because they enjoy their job. In the hotel itself, there are many choices of restaurant with food from around the world that you can choose. Also, there's a "combini" which is a convenience store selling everything people need to live. Did I mention before that I love eating? Well, food is my love for life. The food sold in convenience stores in Japan such as Onigiri and Obento are to kill for! They are just so good I can keep on buying them and eating them forever. 
The view from the bus
The hotel lobby
The view from our hotel room window
Japanese pajamas provided by the hotel
Yogurt from the combini

Ultimately, this was a pretty smooth trip but I'm still very tired and jet-lagged so all I want to do right now is to sleep in a bed. Therefore, I will go do that! 
Summer vacation is almost over... Enjoy what's left of it since in a few years there won't be any summer vacation anymore! 

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