Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shinjuku Kabuki-cho

This is kind of a controversial area of Tokyo for some people. It has stores called Fuuzoku (風俗店) which have 'special services' for the ones in need and also Host Clubs which are the paradise for many women. If you go to Kabuki-cho will most likely see suit wearing guys with light brown hair standing along the streets trying to talk to the girls passing by. Those are most likely hosts! They sometimes will hand out business cards with their number written on it. 
While walking there, two of them tried to talk to me so it's safe to say as long as you look like you know Japanese there will be some who will come to you. Now, hosts are only there to drink and talk with the ladies and most of them don't want to have any deeper relations with their clients. 

The red gate thing is the entrance to Kabuki-cho.

The actual street.

Suit and light brown hair... 

Not really sure what this is... It says free information center...

Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures it was taken with my phone and it was at night. :( 

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