Friday, August 16, 2013

Packing for Japan and last day in Canada

This post will be about my packing experience because I will be leaving my house in three hours. First of all, let me tell you, I have this problem when I go out traveling... I bring EVERYTHING! I'm constantly thinking about stuff I might need during my stay and I don't really consider the fact that I would be buying things in Japan. Right now, I'm at two suitcases full with clothes, shoes and other girly stuff.
Voila! My suitcases
Because my school in Japan DOES NOT have an uniform I have to bring more clothes to wear! I still can't believe I'm going to a Japanese high school, and I can't have a school girl uniform like we see in the Animes and Dramas! Plus the fact that I will be there during fall and winter which means I have to bring thicker (?) clothes and coats and sweaters and everything! So this is that right now, let's hope I don't go too crazy shopping in Japan. 

Enough ranting about my failures in packing. Today is my last day in Canada until January! I'm so excited!!
My family decided to have a party together. My cousins came over to chill and we baked a sort of cake together. We didn't plan this out so we had to improvise for some ingredients like we realized after creaming the sugar and butter together that we don't have any milk left because we are leaving so we just used water. It turned out OK actually so maybe I'll bake this for my host family! :D 

I was pretty sad when I had to say goodbye to my family since I knew I wouldn't see them for a while. Hope they stay safe and healthy during this time... Actually please stay safe and healthy forever!
I had time to see most of my friends one last time recently too.

This is my final post from Canada! Japan Here I come!!

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Thank you for reading!!

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