Saturday, August 24, 2013


We went to Odaiba on the last free day we had and it was full of surprises. Odaiba is the new kind of business area of Tokyo with a lot of big companies and sky scrapers. It also has Fuji TV station as a main attraction. To get there, a special train line is available named Yurikamome line. For tourism, the best choice is probably to purchase the one day pass of 800¥ in order to get off at several stations. It depends on the individuals as in which station to visit but I definitely would recommend Aoumi and Odaiba station. Aoumi has the Tokyo Leisureland with karaoke, Game Center, bowling and lots more within one big structure. There's also a mall called Venus Fort which is a very westernized shopping center with a lot of European and American brands such as Roxy, Billabong, Zara, etc.. Finally, this is for my fellow Prince of Tennis fans, if there is any, if you watched the musicals for this anime Tenimyu then you might know, some of the shows were held in a place called Zepp Tokyo... Which is situated right beside the Leisureland! This was a big surprise for me. 

I also found a poster of my favorite Japanese athlete (gymnast) Uchimura Kohei!!

Odaiba is the home of Fuji TV station which some of you might know for their dramas or their shows. They have VS Arashi and SmapXSmap going on as well as the drama Summer Nude. 
During the summer it's filled with attractions and shops. 

Despicable me slide at Odaiba

Poster for Summer Nude.


Kiosks at Fuji TV

VS Arashi's poster in Fuji TV

Nazotoki ha dinner no ato de's poster!!

VS Arashi!!!

A studio in use.


Sato Takeru's attire for his new movie/drama?

Domoto Kyoudai!!

SmapXSmap's guest room.

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