Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bunkasai School Festival Part 1 (my class)

Today was the last day of my school's Bunkasai (文化祭)!! It's a school festival where all the classes and clubs come up with an activity to sell and present to the public for two days. My class was a Japanese themed restaurant (namedおいでやす一の二) selling wrap sticks (tortillas with meat sauce, corn and tuna in them) and a club I joined was called MES Club, which is for exchange students and international learning, is selling fries as "MesDonald's". It was extremely fun and useful because it really helped me to know everybody in my class and connect with them.
Our class's leader for Bunkasai (and my Prince of Tennis buddy)

Our class's black board was so pretty!!

Classmates preparing for opening to customers

Our delicious wraps!

Class mascot Wrap-kun!! (ラップくん)

We got costumers in!!

School hallway

Our class T-shirt with everybody's names on them

Class picture

We had some problems like not enough materials to make it until the end of the day or a lack of people for the different shifts but overall it went well and I'm so proud of my class and club!

The time we had to prepare for the festival was two days which, trust me, is very busy and still not enough time. My school is rather new so it has lots of new things going on.
There's a leader kind of person in each class who decides everybody's shifts and the amount of money we spend on each thing. I was first put in the cooking team but since I had to leave for my shift at MESDonald's I was transferred to the commercial team. Basically, I just walk around the school or stand in front of our class and tell people what we are selling and try to get the most customers into our restaurant as possible. I personally think this is the best shift for me because I surprisingly have a loud voice!

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