Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bunkasai School Festival Part 2 (MesDonald's and liveshows+kendo club)

The club I'm helping with is called MES (as I mentioned in my last post) and we did a restaurant called MESDonald's, selling drinks and fries. The club members are very kind and friendly so it made my shifts very enjoyable. We were sold out quite fast on both days since the price was very cheap and the fries are surprisingly amazingly tasty!

完売 (sold out)

After my shifts were over I met my friends and together, we toured the school doing different activities. Our school has a Pop music club which has rock bands and chorus in it. This is one of the bands performing on stage.

On another stage the acrobatics club was performing too.

The vocal singer of the band dressed as Mickey (?)

After the live show, I went to the Kendo club because I promised my classmate to play their game, which is finding colourful plastic balls in a bunch of balloons. It's harder than you think!!

My classmate handing me the box to put the balls I found in.




Found one!

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