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My host mother brought me to watch a Sumo tournament on the 16th. The tickets were very expensive, ranging from 14,300 yen to 2,100 yen. The most expensive seats are the ones with the Japanese cushion seats (Zabuton) which are on the first floor, not far from the stage where the match is taking place. Our tickets were around 8,200 yen on the second floor. We got a big bag of gifts and unlimited access to food and drinks. There was a person who would come around every once a while to take our orders.
The tournament took place in the Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館), in Tokyo and not far from the new Sky Tree tower. We went there at about 3pm but the tournament starts at 8am and ends at 6pm, so if you are someone who really loves the sport you can really be there for 10 hours! It was a day when a typhoon was coming to Tokyo so the winds were very strong some of the trains stopped. However by the time we got to the Kokugikan, it has already calmed down. This was truthfully one of the best days because I got unlimited free food and got to watch Sumo non-stop for about three hours. It was, surprisingly, interesting because of the cheers and the overall atmosphere. 

These are the people taking the orders from the guests. 

The stage where the tournament takes place

The judge

The Zabuton cushion seats

Cute plastic cup for beer

Introducing the "Rikishi" (wrestlers)

This person is very popular due to his powerful skills. His name is Endo, a wrestler who started sumo recently because his hair isn't long enough yet to be tied into a "chonmage". 

A lot of the modern wrestlers are no longer Japanese. 

One of the Yokozuna (strongest wrestler) is about to start a show. 

I think this is Hakuho, the well-known Yokozuna who's actually Mongolian. 


Other wrestler waiting for his turn. 

These are the sponsors who put extra money in for the winner of the match. 

The list of wrestlers and their status of the day. 


This is the other Yokozuna who lost to his opponent. 

When the match is considered very interesting, people throw their Zabuton cushion to show their appreciation. 

However, the cushions are rather heavy so people are covering their heads in case they get hit!

The winner who beat the Yokozuna is given a bow (?)

When we walked out of the Kokugikan, the twilight was beautiful!

Sky Tree

Some sumo wrestlers are taking the train to go home so I caught one to take a picture with me.

My host mother and I in front of the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Love the wall drawings.

The Champion prize corner (?)

Another wrestler! He was really nice. 

I had so much fun that day even though there was a typhoon. I ate a lot too... 

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