Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bunkasai School Festival Part 3 (Activities and closing ceremony "Lisa Con")

I went to the Japanese Archery club with my host brother to do archery. It was so much fun!

My host brother trying archery for the first time!

My friend Sena is helping him

Me doing archery

Me, Miia and Niklas

Me and Miia

My host mom and brother came too and they got so many gifts for me in a ring throwing game (輪投げ)!! Also, my fellow exchange student Niklas got me a present in that game too!!! I'm so happy! They're all my treasures that I will keep forever.
Hello Kitty wedding couple

China doll Kitty

Akaya from Prince of Tennis!

When everybody from the public left, the closing ceremony started. There was dances, singing, acting and fireworks! It was so much fun!

Girls dancing to "Momoiro clovers" (ももいろクローバーズ)

Girls hiphop group



This is my senpai from MES club and he's so cute!!! Yes, he's a guy. He looks so good as girl though. If I were a guy, I would totally fall for her!

On the other hand, this!

My friend Takumi performing Beatbox! 

Lisa High School Musical


After the fireworks I grabbed Toyo senpai for a picture together... He's so cute OMG I lost T.T

This is the end of Bunkasai with lots of fatigue accumulated throughout this week. Today was the clean up day even though it's a Sunday but it's very fun and memorabe. 

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